About Us


Since 1939

The Clarinda Municipal Hospital opened its doors to the public on September 12, 1939. In 1964 and 1974 additions were built for a total licensed capacity of 47 beds. In 1977 a Doctor's Building and clinic were added. Extensive remodeling was accomplished in the late 1980's and early 1990's to adapt to changes in medicine and health care.

In 1997 the name of the facility was changed to the Clarinda Regional Health Center (CRHC), in order to more accurately reflect the function of the facility and the area it serves. The Emergency Department (E.R.) and outreach clinic areas were completely remodeled in the late 1990's to make the facility more patient friendly and accessible.

One rural clinic is operated by CRHC. Located in Villisca, Iowa, the Villisca Family Health Center is staffed five days and one evening per week.

The service area of CRHC offers unmatched professional opportunity. We currently have a general surgeon, several family practice physicians, a pediatrician, three internal medicine physicians, one PA-C, one CRNA, and five nurse practitioners on staff to service an area of 15,000 residents. Our primary service area includes central and eastern Page and western and central Taylor counties, portions of Montgomery and Adams counties in Iowa, as well as several communities in NW Missouri.