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Clarinda Medical Foundation Funds Blood Pressure Cuffs and Scales


Clarinda, IA – The Clarinda Medical Foundation, a non-profit corporation, recently awarded a grant of $2,500 to nurses Jayne Cabeen, BSN, RN and Karie Martin, BSN, RN to purchase blood pressure cuffs and digital scales for patients who are monitoring chronic illness.

Cabeen, CRHC Clinic Health Coach and Martin, CRHC Cardiopulmonary Manager, have purchased 10 bluetooth scales and 10 blood pressure cuffs that will be loaned to patients who are unable to afford these critical devices.  Both nurses say, "Consistently measuring weight and blood pressure is one of the best things a patient can do to insure exceptional oversight from the patient’s provider."  Cabeen says, "This program doesn’t impact a large number of patients, but it will have a huge impact on ten patients at a time."

Martin says, "Patients who are loaned these devices will have them for as long as they need them". She adds, “For some they will have them just for a few weeks, while others may have them for longer periods.”

Cabeen and Martin agree on the importance of consistency when measuring weight and blood pressure. Cabeen says, “When you take your blood pressure you should rest 3-5 minutes prior to taking the test.”  She goes on to say, “Make sure the cuff you are using properly fits on your upper arm and feels snug when inflated.”  Finally she says, “Always follow your provider’s recommendations for the frequency of taking your readings.”

When it comes to weight management, Martin explains, “It’s important to be very consistent when stepping on the scales. For example, try to weigh yourself at the same time of day, with the same type of clothing and with the same posture. These bluetooth scales can upload your weight directly to your digital device, so that you have an accurate reading of your weight to give to your provider.”

A portion of the grant money will be used to maintain the batteries in these devices for many years to come. Anyone interested in contributing to the Clarinda Medical Foundation, contact Foundation Director Chuck Morris at 542-8339. If you would like more information about the new scale and blood pressure program at CRHC, contact Jayne Cabeen,BSN, RN at 542-8331 or Karie Martin, BSN,RN at 542-8299.