Medical Services

Respiratory Therapy

CardioPulmonary Services at CRHC

If you have ever experienced breathing difficulties, heart related problems, or have a sleep disorder, you may have utilized one of the services offered by the Respiratory Therapy Department at Clarinda Regional Health Center.

Pulmonary Services

Services include oxygen therapy, aerosol drug therapy, chest physiotherapy,nasotracheal suctioning, intubation, mechanical ventilatory support and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Cardiac Monitoring Services

Services include electrocardiograms (EKG), exercise and drug stress testing, 30day event monitoring, and 24hr heart monitoring.

Diagnostic Testing

Services include arterial blood analysis (ABG), pulmonary function testing, electroencephalograms (EEG), sleep disorder testing, and pulse oximetry.

Sleep Study

If you suffer from loud snoring, disrupted sleep, or daytime sleepiness, your sleep activity may be to blame. A sleep study involves spending the night in our sleep lab, attached to electrodes and other machinery which monitors your brain activity, heart rate, breathing rate, and body movements while you sleep. The results of this testing can help us diagnose any problems and help with recommending treatment.

For Resource information on Asthma or Allergies, click here.

For more information, please call the Respiratory Therapy Department at (712) 542-8265 or Email.


How is Your COPD? Take the COPD Assessment

This survey asks questions about you, your breathing, and what you are able to do. To complete the survey, consider a "Yes" answer as 2 points and a "No" answer as 0 points. After you have completed the survey, calculate your total points.

1. I cough all the time.

2. My chest is completely full of phlegm (mucus).

3. My chest feels very tight.

4. When I walk up a hill or one flight of stairs, I am breathless.

5. I am very limited doing activities at home.

6. I am not at all confident leaving my home because of my lung condition.

7. I don't sleep soundly because of my lung condition.

8. I have no energy at all.

9. I have smoked at least 100 cigarettes in my ENTIRE LIFE.

10. I have had exposure to dust, chemicals, or environmental hazards in my career.

If you have received more than 13 points, call the Respiratory Therapy Department at (712) 542-8265 or Email.